Salesforce Health Check

Need an independent third-party to evaluate how your organization is utilizing Salesforce?

A Salesforce health check will add valuable understanding of current solutions and the development of a technology road map for your organizations’ IT future.

  • We’ll identify key pain points, bottlenecks and failures between your organization and the Salesforce platform.
  • We will review all objects, records types, workflows, installed apps, development environment and legacy system integration.
  • A full review of the configuration of the organizations security model, system access, user training, mobile access and record sharing access.
  • We can conduct interviews with key stakes holders with in the organization for unfiltered feedback, feature wish list and internal bottlenecks with the regard to Salesforce site.
  • Assess resources needed to maintain your Salesforce site and help your internal Salesforce administrator to succeed with training and best practices.
  • We will provide written documentation of our observations, make recommendations, clarify ideas and suggested future projects.

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