Part-Time System Administrator

It’s the middle of your busy season – everyone on your staff is maxed out (or more). Stress levels are high, but you are making good progress. When all of a sudden…one of your team members needs a report you’ve never created before (and have no idea where to start building it). Then you get a notification Salesforce needs a crucial update. And someone else on staff just called to let you know they need a run a new report for a client project that is due tomorrow.

No need to panic – you have a support contract with Actus. That means you have your own personal certified Salesforce administrator available to answer any of your questions at any time. Crisis averted.

The Salesforce best practices document has nearly 7,000 pages – talk about information overload! If you don’t work with this stuff every day, it is nearly impossible to keep up with the updates and upgrades rolling out regularly. Luckily, you don’t need this expertise in-house, because Actus can fill this void for you. We are certified professionals that don’t simply try to solve a problem – we get to know you and your business so we can find customized solutions for on going systemic issues in your organization. And, we keep our customers aware of new platform features and apps that are being released daily (and added to the library of more than 5,000 that already exist).

Having a custom, adapting Salesforce system with personalized on-call support doesn’t need to be a dream. Find out how Actus can become a seamless extension of your team (for a lot less than you probably think).

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