What is marketing automation software and why is Pardot with Salesforce the right choice

Marketing automation is a software platform that helps you to automate and improve your marketing and sales efforts to generate more leads, prioritize the value of specific leads, engage prospects and customers on more personalized journeys, close more sales and better measure your success and return on investment.

And, if Salesforce is your CRM there’s no better choice for marketing automation than Pardot. Pardot’s robust set of marketing automation tools integrate seamlessly with Salesforce making implementation and training a breeze.

Though it has “marketing” in the name, marketing automation software goes beyond meeting the needs of just your marketing team. It’s a no-brainer to drive your entire business.

Pardot marketing automation deeply benefits your sales team. Your sales team will embrace Pardot tools that improve the quality of leads, reduce the time nurturing leads through the sales process, give you better insight into why leads become customers, and help you increase sales and returns on your investments.

Your product team will rave about Pardot and the feedback it delivers about your products from both customers and from leads you did not convert. This is feedback that will help your product team innovate and improve.

Even your accounting team benefits from Pardot. Thanks to improved data collection across channels your accounting team will have more accurate sales forecasting and a much better picture of returns on investments.

If Salesforce is your CRM Pardot should be your marketing automation platform.

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